What is the Pirate Bay?

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time on the internet has probably heard of The Pirate Bay. In fact, even some people who do not use the internet have heard about it through the news or other sources. The bottom line is that the website is a huge part of modern day technology, whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Of course there is tons of debate over the legality of it, but ultimately it simply serves as a place that allows users to trade files. Files that break copyright may not be legal to share in some countries, but that does not seem to be stopping anything.

It is surprising, as many other attempts at peer to peer services have been shut down once reaching this level of popularity. The Pirate Bay has indeed seen administrators and staff taken to court, but they continue to fight and show no signs of giving in. Unlike predecessors such as Napster or Kazaa, companies from the music industry and other places have not been able to stop these guys from continuing their work. Continue reading What is the Pirate Bay?

The Health of Having a Chocie

I have no doubt that Reliant Energy is one of the most cost effective choices that someone like me, a college student trying to hold down two jobs, is going to find here in Texas. I like to tell my friends that I consider myself lucky because of the simple fact of having a choice for your energy providers allows us Texans to save money on our energy. I’ve lived here for nearly half my life now but I definitely remember a time when I was living in Kentucky and we only had a single energy provider for us to depend on.

Sure, an energy company is not legally capable of charging you over a certain amount but without any kind of competition against them they don’t have to be competitive with their prices and don’t have to offer any kind of new technology which might be available to help lower the costs. Continue reading The Health of Having a Chocie