The Wedding Day of All Days

My wife Jessika and I are newlyweds. We were married exactly one month ago. It was blissful and hectic at the same time. It was blissful because I was marring the woman of my dreams. It was very hectic because were planning for a wedding. Jessika wanted everything to be perfect on our wedding day to every painstaking detail. She wanted the perfect cake, location, and dress for the wedding. She even got eyelash extension in Singapore. She wanted to be flawless.

Jessika’s parents agreed to pay for the wedding. They made a fortune from their family business. They always showered Jessika with the best. They spared no expense for the wedding. They flew in the best chefs in the world to cater the event. They made a beautiful wedding cake. It was so beautiful, I actually felt bad about eating it after the ceremony. Continue reading The Wedding Day of All Days

Getting Started with Your Own Business

I am trying to figure out what I am going to need to get started in business, how hard it would be and how practical my ideas are. Obviously you want to think things through very clearly before you dive in head first. The important thing is knowing how to do what you need to do to earn money and having the tools you need to do it. I have been in plumbing for close to twenty years. I still have the pay stub template from when I first started back in the nineties. It is a rather simple thing to set up a plumbing company if you only want to do service work. For example a leaky faucet or toilet is going to be relatively simple to fix. If you want to install a new sink or toilet, then that is not too hard if you know your business. Continue reading Getting Started with Your Own Business

Installing an Air Conditioner in My New Showroom

I just moved from California to Manhattan about a month ago. I didn’t realize that the weather would be so much warmer here during the summer months. One of the first things I learned is that air conditioning is a must during those hot summer months. I run a carpet cleaning business, and I have a large showroom that is open seven days a week. To make the showroom more comfortable for myself and my customers, I’m looking for someone who specializes in air conditioner installation in Manhattan NY. I’ve met some really nice people in my area who have been able to provide me with some recommendations, so I’m going to do a little more research and call someone to come down this week.

I hope that in addition to installing the air conditioner that they’ll be able to help me choose the right unit for my business. I can provide them with information about the square footage of the building and specification like that, but I really want someone to come down and take a look around to determine what type of unit would work best in my situation. Continue reading Installing an Air Conditioner in My New Showroom

Learning and Working at the Same Time

I have always been interested in visual communication and media design, even though I had never taken any formal courses in learning more about it. I was lucky when I completed my secondary education, because I was able to get on at the beginning of a family friend’s new business venture in web design. I was the one who answered phones, greeted clients, took care of the billing, and things of that nature. I could not help but comment on some of the web designs that my boss did though.

Normally, I would not do that, but I knew that there would be no offense from my boss, as he has known me since I was just a child. He liked the ideas that I presented to him, and he wanted me to learn more so I take advantage of my natural talents. He found a 12 month program being offered at a local design school, and he paid for my application fee and tuition there. Continue reading Learning and Working at the Same Time

Guide for Immigrating to Canada

I know a lot of people who have threatened to move to Canada over various circumstances facing our country, but I do not know of anyone who has actually gone through with said threats. I want to go through with my intentions to move there, and so I am looking for a guide on how to immigrate to Canada to help me do just that. I want to know the requirements and how easy it is going to be for me to do. I don’t think it should be that hard, but of course, at the moment, I do not know anything about it really.

I am kind of fed up with this country and that is why I want to lead. I can’t help but believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and this coming election is further proof of that. Continue reading Guide for Immigrating to Canada

Started a Summer Job This Week

I just got out of school the other day and I am going to try to make a little money before I start college at the end of summer. So I went and put in a resume at a moving company in Singapore. Of course my application did not say much beyond the fact that I had gotten good grades at school and so forth. In fact they have very little interest in my brains, so long as I am not too dense to do what they tell me to do. They are not going to let me drive the truck obviously. I do not even have a regular license to operate a motor vehicle of any sort. They certainly would not let me get behind the wheel of a moving van. My job is pretty much to pick stuff up and carry it where they tell me to put it down. Continue reading Started a Summer Job This Week