I’m Officially a Commercial Truck Driver

People have often told me that truckers make a lot of money. Some people don’t mind driving on the road for hours, but I don’t, as long as it pays well. I got a licences to drive trucks and bought one. Florida trucking insurance is required for all truck drivers. Before heading out on the road, I had to find the best trucking insurance package for me. It’s all about the coverage and the price. The highest coverage package may offer more than anything else, but it can be too much to afford for some. On the other side, having the cheapest package will be cost effective, but some important parts may be left off to keep costs down for consumers.

I purchased a good insurance plan and started using my truck to transport goods for other people. I didn’t have any products of my own to transport, but that my change in the future. Continue reading I’m Officially a Commercial Truck Driver

My Curious Son Learns About Dogs

My wife Emily and I have been blessed with so much in life. We both have successful careers and healthy bodies. We also have been blessed with a wonderful son named Jason. He is very gifted and intelligent. He gets his intelligence from me and his looks from his mother. One thing about Jason is that he is very curious. He is amazed by the simplest things. His curious nature is a blessing and curse. It has gotten us in trouble in the past. Once, Jason wondered can dogs eat bananas. While I was not looking, he gave a piece of his banana to our pet dog Jeff. I was so worried he would get sick.

I will never forget the day that Jason was born. Emily could not wait for him to arrive. He was born on a Thursday just like me. He was so cute. I saw Emily holding him when I walked into the delivery room. He was so cute. We could not take our eyes off of him. We knew he was destined for great things in life.

As Jason grew so did his curiosity. He would always look for new ways to explorer and cause trouble. He once tried to eat his crayons to see if they were an edible source of food. He also tried to make cheese toast in the toaster. It made a big mess. He also tried to flush paper down the toilet. His experiment led to the bathroom being flooded. One day, Jason fed a piece of his banana to Jeff. I caught him doing it. I was so upset that Jeff would get sick. I immediately called the vet. She told me that a little piece of banana would not hurt him. The vet recommended that we did not make bananas a regular part of his diet. Jason learned something new.

I Decided to Lose All of the Weight

I started out doing a lot of research. Of course I was really looking for the easy way out, even though I knew that there is not really any such thing. I read the fat loss fiesta review and all sorts of other things, the whole time knowing fully well that I was not really going to find a shortcut. In fact the first step was just to get in the shape where I could proceed without worrying about injuring myself in the process of working out. If you start out way too hard, then you are very likely to sprain some muscles or pull something. It is not going to be possible to exercise if you are laying in a bed with your foot wrapped up in a bandage. So you have to start out slowly and get in good enough shape to really burn out the appropriate amount of calories.

I actually have found a weight loss partner. Continue reading I Decided to Lose All of the Weight

I Found My Forever Home

I always thought picking out a home was going to be a fun process, but I soon learned that is only in the movies. I just did not have a lot of time to devote to it, and I was disappointed in the houses that I did take time out to see. I decided it would be best to find a reputable realtor who handles luxury real estate in Beaver Creek because I was certainly not getting anywhere on my own. I asked a few friends who had bought homes in the last five years, and that is how I came to contact the realtor for Madeline Properties.

She came highly recommended, and I could see just after our initial meeting. She covered a lot of mental ground during that first contact, and she showed me a few properties for sale to gauge my reaction to them. Continue reading I Found My Forever Home

I Prefer the Hand Mixer for Baking Cakes and Cookies

I’m the resident cake maker for our family. I get called upon to make my homemade icing and cakes from scratch for every birthday and celebration. The last one I made was for the wedding anniversary for my in-laws. They both really like decadent chocolate, so I made them a very chocolatey cake with simple ingredients and the best product, a hand mixer. I do not have any fancy equipment for making cakes other than some decorating tools for icing cakes and an amazing recipe for different flavors of icing.

My mother has visited while I was making cakes. She told me that she would buy me a countertop mixer. I prefer the hand mixer instead. I like the feel it gives me for getting the consistency just right from batch to batch of fresh ingredients. Continue reading I Prefer the Hand Mixer for Baking Cakes and Cookies

A New Approach in the Age of Digital

There is nothing more important than lead generation services when you are in sales. You can spend a lot of time trying to do the old, archaic method of trying to drum up sales with a list of names and a telephone, but you won’t get far doing that now. That worked back in the 1990s and before because most people had landlines and you could easily get someone to pick up the phone to hear your pitch. Now? Everyone chucked the land line for cellphones and even the people with landlines have caller identification services so they can screen their calls.

I have literally sat at a desk and called one hundred people and I got maybe four or five people on the line. One of them bought our service. It was horrible. That’s why we decided to move into the digital age with a new service that generates leads through social media and online sites. Continue reading A New Approach in the Age of Digital