A Decision Between Internet Providers

Deciding between cable and satellite television has been on my mind as of late. I just finally got a new place in Clovis, California and I’ve been looking at the prices that are offered for different packages. direct tv for clovis has some of the best prices but cable is definitely a good competitor against them. My main problem is that right now I have to have the Internet in order to be able to work and Satellite Internet is not the way that I want to go for myself which means choosing one or the other. I dislike having to split my services up; I wouldn’t want to just have Internet service through my cable company while having my content being delivered by my satellite company. I find that splitting services like this leads to confusion on bills as well as just adding another bill which is going to ultimately be unnecessary to have.

Yet, some people do find that satellite Internet does work for them. I might not be one of those people because of how much bandwidth I require in order to be able to do the work that I do. Not to mention how much I use on a day to day basis with my HD Netflix sessions streaming nearly all day long or the fact that I do some heavy duty gaming which is going to require as much bandwidth as I can get to improve the frame rate of my games. For others, I have no doubt it would be the perfect speed – like my mom for instance. All she needs the Internet for is some light browsing, checking her e-mail and so on. She doesn’t need any kind of heavy duty connection but for the younger generation, we use a lot more bandwidth.