A New Approach in the Age of Digital

There is nothing more important than lead generation services when you are in sales. You can spend a lot of time trying to do the old, archaic method of trying to drum up sales with a list of names and a telephone, but you won’t get far doing that now. That worked back in the 1990s and before because most people had landlines and you could easily get someone to pick up the phone to hear your pitch. Now? Everyone chucked the land line for cellphones and even the people with landlines have caller identification services so they can screen their calls.

I have literally sat at a desk and called one hundred people and I got maybe four or five people on the line. One of them bought our service. It was horrible. That’s why we decided to move into the digital age with a new service that generates leads through social media and online sites. It just makes sense to use something like this now. It seems everyone has pretty much moved online except many of the elderly, and they are not interested in buying your services because they live on fixed incomes and tight budgets.

Once we employed the services of this digital lead generator, we noticed an immediate improvement in our sales. Not only were we making more sales, we were making more sales to younger people who could afford our products. That’s huge for our bottom line. Our sales tripled in a matter of weeks. Not only is the company making more money, all of the sales reps are making their monthly sales quotas as well as pulling in big bonuses. We used to have a problem keeping our salespeople around because they couldn’t make enough money. Now we can pick and choose who works for us because everyone makes money!