Being Able to Take My Business Books with Me on the Job Makes Quicken 2016 the Choice for Me

I used to use a different software for keeping my books. It got easier when laptops became a lot more portable. I would just keep mine in my truck. However, I would forget it some days. My work is done from house to house. I need to have access to invoicing and even taking payments with credit cards. I started using Quicken 2016 because it worked with the mobile option I wanted. I like using my phone for a lot of business things. I have it with me all of the time. I have a few of those credit card readers that you plug into the microphone jack. There is always one within easy reach when I’m working. I’ve learned that getting the payment when the customer wants to pay is best.

I used to tell them I would square up with them later. If they come with a check or credit card, I take the payment right then. I’ll get down off of a ladder or climb down from scaffolding, and take it when they are ready to pay. This way you don’t have to chase them later. Having the ability to show an invoice and take a payment immediately is nice. The Quicken 2016 app works for me. I don’t carry a printer around with me. I just email the customer a copy of the invoice and they print it. It makes things a whole lot easier and faster.

I can remember years ago when I first got started that everything was handwritten. I had an estimate pad that I wrote everything down on. I like this way a lot better. I really like being able to take credit card and debit card payments too. No more concerns about bouncing checks. On a rare occasion I have someone pay in cash for small jobs. Not very often. Most use a credit or debit card.