Bluetooth Sunglasses for Smartphone Use

I know that companies have started to produce wireless bluetooth sunglasses that can be used with smartphones, both of the Apple and Android variety, and I really want to get a pair, because it sounds like it would be a really awesome and useful thing to have. Of course, I am sure that the technology is not at a point where it can do all the cool stuff that I imagine when you conjure up the image of wireless sunglasses that are connected to a smartphone.

However, from the features that I do know that they have, I am rather confident that I would really enjoy having a pair to use with my phone, and I need to figure out how much it is going to cost to buy a pair. I am not worried about paying for them, but rather, I just don’t want to spend too much on a pair because I think might wife might get mad at me if I were to go overboard on the cost.

I know that she is not really as into technology as I am, and so sometimes when I buy gadgets, she thinks that I am just wasting money. But in reality, I know that I would use bluetooth sunglasses all of the time. I want to know what sort of methods the sunglasses have for interacting with them. Unfortunately, I doubt that they can just detect what you want to do based on like a facial gesture or eye movement. Maybe one day, but for the most part, I would think that they would be voice activated for the time being. That would work just fine, except you might look a little bit silly if you were walking around talking to your glasses. But looking silly is a price I am willing to pay.