First Day at New Position and I Did Not Know How to Make PowerPoint Presentations

I just got promoted and was not up to the speed I needed to be for the way the department ran. I had never had to use PowerPoint since a few times I used it in high school. I worked with highly technical equipment, but I never had to do any presentations. I was a field worker who was now working in the office. When my boss told me to make up a PowerPoint presentation for the meeting on Friday, I just stood there after he walked out wondering how to get it done. I found a PowerPoint consultant online and had them make the presentation for me. I paid for it out of my own pocket.

The boss reviewed the presentation and told me he liked it so much that I would be in charge of making all of the presentations for him. I had to speak up and give credit where credit was due. I told him that I had plenty of experience with what makes our business tick, but I had zero experience with PowerPoint. I told him that I hired a PowerPoint consultant and paid for it out of my own pocket. He told me that he can’t use PowerPoint well either, and that is why he delegates it. He told me to submit a receipt for reimbursement and to give him the website address for the company I used. He said that we would just have them make all of our presentations for us, but we did not have to tell any of the other staff about it.

That was a load off of my mind, and it was a moment I got to know my boss a little better. I can troubleshoot our equipment and find a fault the most talented engineers cannot locate, but I can’t use PowerPoint. I guess that is why this company that makes the presentations exists.