Getting Started with Your Own Business

I am trying to figure out what I am going to need to get started in business, how hard it would be and how practical my ideas are. Obviously you want to think things through very clearly before you dive in head first. The important thing is knowing how to do what you need to do to earn money and having the tools you need to do it. I have been in plumbing for close to twenty years. I still have the pay stub template from when I first started back in the nineties. It is a rather simple thing to set up a plumbing company if you only want to do service work. For example a leaky faucet or toilet is going to be relatively simple to fix. If you want to install a new sink or toilet, then that is not too hard if you know your business. Running the plumbing on a shopping center or a waste treatment plant requires a large well equipped organization. Obviously I am not going to start out doing that sort of thing.

In theory you are not going to need very much for this sort of company. A single man with the right skills is the most important ingredient. Then you would need a pick up truck or better yet a van. After that you only need a cell phone and the tools Of course that is only the theory and you would need to have enough tools to take on any job that you would offer to do. The real problem is the other stuff. You really need someone to answer the phone and then you have to take care of all of the clerical work that is associated with the business. In fact you have to deal with the government on three levels.