I Found My Forever Home

I always thought picking out a home was going to be a fun process, but I soon learned that is only in the movies. I just did not have a lot of time to devote to it, and I was disappointed in the houses that I did take time out to see. I decided it would be best to find a reputable realtor who handles luxury real estate in Beaver Creek because I was certainly not getting anywhere on my own. I asked a few friends who had bought homes in the last five years, and that is how I came to contact the realtor for Madeline Properties.

She came highly recommended, and I could see just after our initial meeting. She covered a lot of mental ground during that first contact, and she showed me a few properties for sale to gauge my reaction to them. She needed a time frame also. I was not in immediate need of a new home, because I still had nearly six months left on my apartment lease. That gave her plenty of time to find the home that would make me feel as happy as my friends were when she found them their perfect homes.

When she called me about a month later with a new property to look at, I was very excited because I fell in love with the pictures she had sent me. Looking at gorgeous pictures and seeing a beautiful home in person cannot even be compared though. With each room that I walked through, I fell more in love with the home that I knew would be mine. It was very easy to place the offer, and the closing happened much quicker than even I expected. I am glad though, because now I am living in my forever home, and I could not be happier!