I Needed to Do a Little Work on My Place Before Selling

Leave it to me to not realize that there is always prep work that should be done before you sell anything, and that includes your house. I mistakenly thought I could just rush after any real estate agent and put my home on the market with minutes. But who wants to buy a home that has some major issues? The agent explained that I may first need an inspection and maybe even foundation repair company in Humble before she would list my house. You simply cannot sell something to someone in good faith without having everything looked at first because no one wants to spend tens of thousands on a major purchase, only to find out out that they will have to spend thousands more to get something fixed that you may have been concealing.

The inspection process was rather easy. Someone from a local company came out and handled all the inspecting within only 20 minutes. I thought it would take someone hours to check out something as big as a house, but I was most certainly wrong. He then mentioned he saw some cracks within the house. I always thought that was normal, but he says it can sometimes mean there is trouble with a foundation, but not always. He wanted to go outside to look around and inspect to be sure.

When my house was completely looked over thoroughly, I received the news that some repairs needed to be made. I worried that could mean a lot of money, but that wasn’t true either. It was something that could be handled right away. I scheduled someone to come out to work on it the very next day. After that was all done, I needed to list with the agent again, and she was much happier with me this time around.