I Used the Find My Android Device Feature for Only the Second Time

I put my phone down the other day and forgot where I left it. I had put the ringer on silent, and that meant that calling it to hear where it was at was useless. I knew it was in the house, but I could not remember where I put it. The morning was super hectic, and I left the house without my phone. I went back and looked high and low with no luck. My wife told me I could find my Android device by logging into my Google account. I had forgotten all about that feature as I have only used it once out of curiosity.

Well, I logged into my Google account on my computer and looked at the find my Android device section. The little green dot showed that my phone was sitting on the folding table in our laundry room. I went in there and I did not see my phone, but there was a basket of towels I was folding earlier. I lifted an unfolded towel off of the top of the basket and there it was. My phone was just sitting there. I was amazed at the accuracy of the feature to locate your Android phone. It did not just point out that the phone was in the laundry room, it showed that it was on the right side of the folding table next to the dryer.

That got me thinking about those TV shows where the police are tracking a suspect’s phone and can’t pin down where they are located. We live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of trees. My phone was inside our house, and the GPS chip in it was still receiving location data to let the phone properly position itself on a map. Not only to the room it was in, but to the exact spot in the room where it was at. This feature is great for just finding where you put your phone, but I can see how valuable it is for security and protection too.