Installing an Air Conditioner in My New Showroom

I just moved from California to Manhattan about a month ago. I didn’t realize that the weather would be so much warmer here during the summer months. One of the first things I learned is that air conditioning is a must during those hot summer months. I run a carpet cleaning business, and I have a large showroom that is open seven days a week. To make the showroom more comfortable for myself and my customers, I’m looking for someone who specializes in air conditioner installation in Manhattan NY. I’ve met some really nice people in my area who have been able to provide me with some recommendations, so I’m going to do a little more research and call someone to come down this week.

I hope that in addition to installing the air conditioner that they’ll be able to help me choose the right unit for my business. I can provide them with information about the square footage of the building and specification like that, but I really want someone to come down and take a look around to determine what type of unit would work best in my situation. I can’t believe the building owner didn’t install air conditioning sooner, because it gets very hot in the building.

I have a budget for the project, but quality in both the product and the service I receive are both very important to me, so I would be willing to go over my budget if it meant that I would be happier with the end result. I think that I’ll have a better idea where I stand once I receive a quote from the company. I really need to get on top of this and reach out to them as soon as possible. The sooner I get an air conditioner installed, the sooner I’ll be able to enjoy my time at work.