Is This the World’s Fastest Production Car?

Okay, can you imagine going from zero to 249 miles per hour in 20 seconds? You could pretty much outrun anything with that kind of capability in your car, and that is what the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera can do. With the internal combustion engine along with the three electric motors it outputs a whopping 1797 horsepower. That is absolutely beyond imagination for a car. The gas engine has 697 horsepower by itself. Is this a car you buy to commute to work? Maybe, if you are the only one on the highway. This is a status vehicle plain and simple as you could never run it flat out unless you were on a track made for such high speeds.

I would be afraid to drive the thing in traffic. Can you imagine the thoughts you might have when an aggressive driver would cut you off or play games with you on the highway? You could leave them in your dust in a split second, and there is no way they could even catch up. I could see a lot of speeding tickets for anyone who wanted to stomp on the gas pedal of this beast even just now and then. However, you would have to be willing to pull over because no police department has a vehicle that could outrun you. I wonder what a car like that even sounds like?

It amazes me that there is even a car made that can turn out almost 2k in horsepower. I’m not sure even planes have that kind of power. I was joking with a friend of mine asking him if he knew what kind of mileage you would get in it when traveling at 249 miles per hour. I mean, it does have three electric motors along with the gasoline engine. I like seeing cars like this that have incredible capabilities and are made in limited production runs. Sure, they are out of my price range, but they are nice to see.