Learning and Working at the Same Time

I have always been interested in visual communication and media design, even though I had never taken any formal courses in learning more about it. I was lucky when I completed my secondary education, because I was able to get on at the beginning of a family friend’s new business venture in web design. I was the one who answered phones, greeted clients, took care of the billing, and things of that nature. I could not help but comment on some of the web designs that my boss did though.

Normally, I would not do that, but I knew that there would be no offense from my boss, as he has known me since I was just a child. He liked the ideas that I presented to him, and he wanted me to learn more so I take advantage of my natural talents. He found a 12 month program being offered at a local design school, and he paid for my application fee and tuition there. He even let me study while on his clock, because he believed in me that much. I owe everything to him, because I learned so much in those 12 months.

I was excited because I was actually able to apply what I was learning in school at my job, which is a rare occurrence. I did not take this lightly, as I knew how lucky and fortunate I was to have someone believe in me as much as my boss did and still does. My title now is Concept and Visual Artist, and I am second in command after my boss. His company is definitely going places, and I am excited that I get to be on the front lines while it does. I am so grateful for my education in graphic design, because I am where I am at today because of it.