Moving Here is Something That Will Remain Permanent

If you haven’t seen some of the many buildings with apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM then you may not realize how the architecture of many of them can be so wonderful against the landscape of the state. I really love how much of the scenery in the southwest is so different from the rest of the country. I moved there because of it. I don’t think I will ever get tired of it either. I spent much of my life living in a mountainous area with lots of surrounding forests, and I’ve always appreciated that. But there’s something about the southwest that has called to me.

The first time the I was in New Mexico was for a Girl Scout camping trip when I was in about 13 years old. I lived just one state away at the time where the terrain is much different. Seeing desert was so new to me. I had only seen it in movies and on television up to that point. I loved the red clay sand and all the plants that looked so foreign and alien to me. And I could not understand how the sunset there was so beautiful each night compared to the sunset in my own state every night. I remember feeling so peaceful there, and I still feel that way as an adult who is in her fifties. I feel at home in the state.

I chose an apartment complex to move to that is painted in the colors of the surrounding mountains. It blends in, yet stands out in a nice way. I like to go out and watch the sun go down from my balcony. I usually take a glass of wine with me and the newspaper. I read and look up in wonder at times. I have a feeling that I will never leave here.