My Curious Son Learns About Dogs

My wife Emily and I have been blessed with so much in life. We both have successful careers and healthy bodies. We also have been blessed with a wonderful son named Jason. He is very gifted and intelligent. He gets his intelligence from me and his looks from his mother. One thing about Jason is that he is very curious. He is amazed by the simplest things. His curious nature is a blessing and curse. It has gotten us in trouble in the past. Once, Jason wondered can dogs eat bananas. While I was not looking, he gave a piece of his banana to our pet dog Jeff. I was so worried he would get sick.

I will never forget the day that Jason was born. Emily could not wait for him to arrive. He was born on a Thursday just like me. He was so cute. I saw Emily holding him when I walked into the delivery room. He was so cute. We could not take our eyes off of him. We knew he was destined for great things in life.

As Jason grew so did his curiosity. He would always look for new ways to explorer and cause trouble. He once tried to eat his crayons to see if they were an edible source of food. He also tried to make cheese toast in the toaster. It made a big mess. He also tried to flush paper down the toilet. His experiment led to the bathroom being flooded. One day, Jason fed a piece of his banana to Jeff. I caught him doing it. I was so upset that Jeff would get sick. I immediately called the vet. She told me that a little piece of banana would not hurt him. The vet recommended that we did not make bananas a regular part of his diet. Jason learned something new.