My Husband Had a Clogged Pipe Problem

When my husband told me to find a plumber quickly, I knew that something must have really went wrong with his attempt at unclogging the toilet. The water had backed up and flooded the bathroom floor, which is why he was in such a panic to get a professional out to our house. I did a quick search for companies that do drain cleaning in Bronx NY. I was not about to just pick out the first one that came up on the search engine results. I wanted to make sure that the company that we chose to come into our house and work on our pipes was a trusted and reputable company.

Those few extra minutes of looking at a few websites did not make a huge difference as far as the bathroom was concerned, but it did make a difference in that we were able to contract the company that we felt was the best for the job. I liked how their website looked, and they listed all of their qualifications right there on the main page. I liked that they were transparent, and I also liked that I was able to read some really positive testimonials on an independent review website.

When I called them, they were able to come out within just an hour or so, which was a good thing for us. My husband had been able to use the shop vac to get the majority of the water out of the bathroom, but he still had not figured out what was wrong to make the clog as bad as it was. The plumber who came out was able to send a camera down the drain and discover the problem right away. He also had all of the tools needed to fix it right there on the spot. My husband has learned a valuable lesson from this too. He no longer does handyman work on things he knows nothing about!