My Wife Started Her Own Professional Tax Preparation Business

We have this small guest house next to the house we bought. I mean it is really small. It has a tiny bathroom and a kitchenette. It is pretty much one room with a closet-sized bathroom and a kitchenette behind a partition. My wife had plans for it that I did not know about. She has always wanted to own her own business, so she took some courses, redecorated the guest house, bought some professional tax software and hung up a small sign at the end of our driveway. She started doing tax preparation services within a few months of us moving in.

She worked about four days per week seeing customers only two of the four days. She surpassed the income she was making from her job she left when we moved, and has now surpassed my job’s income by more than double. The summer season is slow and steady, but it leaves room for a vacation of three or four weeks without losing a single client. I no longer have to do any overtime, and all of our bills are paid on time every time. She really enjoys the work, and she is meticulous in her business.

Most of the clients she has are friends, neighbors and even family. She knows how much everyone makes and how they spend their money, but she never speaks a word about any of it even to me. Her clients know that, and they trust her. Many businesses also ask her for help in some filing of tax papers, especially the very small businesses that cannot afford the cost of a CPA. My wife gets a glimmer in her eye looking through an office supply catalog. This kind of business is in her blood, and she does it better than anyone I have ever seen.