New Paint Coats for Everyone

Many of the homes in my neighborhood have become run down on the outside. Someone who is an outsider to the neighborhood may think that everyone is just lazy, or that the homes have been abandoned. The real reason why the homes look the way they are is because most of the residents are in their old age. They physically aren’t able to do the labor needed to paint an entire home from the outside. The only way to fix this is by hiring a painter. I hired a painter in Morris County NJ to paint my home, and when he did a great job, I hired him again.

I wanted to give everyone in the neighborhood a treat. I had enough money, so I paid the painter to paint all of their homes to their specifications. The residents were surprised to see that someone was willing to do this for them that they couldn’t actually believe it. They tried to offer me money, but I told them that I wouldn’t accept it. Many of the people had their homes painted the same color that was already there, but some of them went with some new colors.

One of the residents even with a more experimental color combination. They wanted to have pink on the shutters, and yellow for the base. I personally wouldn’t have gone with such an outrageous color choice, but it wasn’t my call to make. I guess whatever makes them happy is what is important. They’ve been alive for so long that I think they’re entitled to a any color choice they want. There is no home owners association to tell any of the residents that they can’t have certain colors on their homes, so anyone could do what they wanted. Maybe when I get older, I might do the same.