Shopping in the Comfort of Home

I’ve found myself saving money through the year not for Black Friday but rather instead for Cyber Monday TV 2015. I don’t even bother with Black Friday anymore. It’s far too much of a personal pain to deal with the crazy, careless hordes of shoppers that barrel in through the doors without a concern for anyone else. The last time that I went was only three years ago and it was right around the time that they had begun to advertise those early openings right after Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a good idea to check one out to see what the sales were like. It ended up being one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made.

It was the first time that I had ever camped out for anything. Not even for Star Wars or Lord of the Rings did I camp out but I wanted to pick up a new television and just knew that there would be some serious competition. It was nuts. As soon as those doors open people seemed to have lost their minds. They rushed through them without any concern for anyone else around them. I saw people being shoved and kicked, trampled by the feet of others.

I decided then and there that I would no longer depend on Black Friday deals. Cyber Monday is safe and secure. I can browse for everything that I want from the comfort of my home without having to worry. I can look at and compare reviews on each item allowing me to compare the best possible prices. Try doing that during a Black Friday sale! I couldn’t even begin to think of trying to stop and pull out my phone to be able to check the reviews of the television that I want without having some other shopping take it from me.