Slip-On Neoprene Recoil Pad Lets Me Enjoy Shooting Again

I have an old rifle that is in excellent condition. It is worth a decent amount of money, but I like to shoot it. However, it is a high caliber rifle, but it does not have a recoil pad. I have a problem with my shoulder, and I need the protection of a cushioned pad. However, I do not want to have a gunsmith alter this old rifle at all. I bought a high quality neoprene pad that slips on. It works perfectly, and I did not have to mess with the original butt plate on the stock. I can still shoot it now without any issues. Adding that little bit of thickness adjusted the fit better for me as well. Now my cheek lines up with the comb riser perfectly.

When I get back home from target shooting or hunting, I just slip off the recoil pad pad and put the gun back in the safe. It works so well that I bought some more for a few other rifles and shotguns that I like to shoot that do not have pads on the butt stocks to cushion recoil. It sure helps my shoulder and lets me enjoy my hobby of target shooting different guns. I can shoot high-powered rifles all day when there is a real good pad between the gun and my shoulder. It sure soaks up the recoil. A lot of it has to do with properly holding the gun too. I know that, and I practice a proper stance and hold of the rifles and shotguns I shoot. It is just the damage I have to my shoulder. It hurts without shooting. The neoprene recoil pads help me to still be able to enjoy my shooting hobby without the pain. Otherwise, I would be stuck shooting nothing more powerful than .22 long-rifle ammo.