Started a Summer Job This Week

I just got out of school the other day and I am going to try to make a little money before I start college at the end of summer. So I went and put in a resume at a moving company in Singapore. Of course my application did not say much beyond the fact that I had gotten good grades at school and so forth. In fact they have very little interest in my brains, so long as I am not too dense to do what they tell me to do. They are not going to let me drive the truck obviously. I do not even have a regular license to operate a motor vehicle of any sort. They certainly would not let me get behind the wheel of a moving van. My job is pretty much to pick stuff up and carry it where they tell me to put it down. Of course the trick is to do it very, very carefully.

Obviously the client is paying you to deliver their stuff where they want it to be, but they intend for it to be in one piece and in perfect condition when it gets there. The big trick is being able to pack stuff in the truck really well, and that is not something that I could ever do the way that it needs to be done. You have to use packing materials and blankets strategically. It is not so simple as that, but of course the guy who knows what he is doing is there to tell guys like me what to do. It is really amazing how much stuff they can squeeze into the back of that van, if it were me then you would have to take two loads for every one load that we take.