Started Moving in to My New Place

I finally got this place set up where I can live it, but it was a pretty good chore and I still need to work on some details. In essence I almost got this place for free the way that I look at it, because I figure that the land under it is going to be worth a lot more than I am paying for it. This is a tiny house, smaller than my old apartment, but it sits upon close to three acres and at some date in the future they will extend the boulevard. I have directv and wireless internet at this place, in fact I have wired it up so that I can use the wi fi all over the land. The place has a building out back that is bigger than it was. At first I did not think it was worth saving, as it looked like a real mess. However after examining it closely I realized that you would have a hard time tearing it down.

The building was apparently a work shop built by someone who messed around with all sorts of old stuff. From what I can tell it is much older than the house and was apparently taken apart and moved to this location at some point. The reason I think that is because they do not build stuff like this any longer. It is what I guess they call timber frame construction, meaning that the frame of the house is built out of huge pieces of lumber about ten inches square in cross section. These are joined together in tongue and groove type joints and it would be nearly impossible to take them apart without using tremendous amounts of force. The outer skin of the building I simply replaced and put vinyl siding on.