Started to Fix This House Up

We inherited this house from my father in law’s father. He liked my wife a lot and she was his only grandchild. So when he realized that he was going to die he started to work it out so that we would get the house before he did. We have already started talking to the contractors and we have hired a painter in Bergen county NJ to do the trim on the house. We have not decided yet, but the plan is probably to put vinyl siding on the place. That makes a lot of sense because I really do not want to have to paint this place repeatedly. If you put the vinyl on it then you never really have to worry about it too much. You have to get some thing like a pressure washer. I know this guy who uses this stuff that he buys from the RV place up on the highway. It costs about thirty dollars for a gallon, but it does a really good job on the stuff.

The yard is actually in rather nice shape. There are a few weeds, but for the most part the yard is extremely well tended. Lisa’s grandfather figured it out so that he had very little work to do. He planted stuff which did not really need much work. I think you call it monkey grass or liriope, but he has it all over the place in the yard in patterns. It grows in clumps and you cut it back every fall. I have helped him with it a couple of times and he planted it all around the yard so that it takes up a big part of the yard. There are shrubs and hedges all around the edges of the yard and barely any grass to mow.