The Health of Having a Chocie

I have no doubt that Reliant Energy is one of the most cost effective choices that someone like me, a college student trying to hold down two jobs, is going to find here in Texas. I like to tell my friends that I consider myself lucky because of the simple fact of having a choice for your energy providers allows us Texans to save money on our energy. I’ve lived here for nearly half my life now but I definitely remember a time when I was living in Kentucky and we only had a single energy provider for us to depend on.

Sure, an energy company is not legally capable of charging you over a certain amount but without any kind of competition against them they don’t have to be competitive with their prices and don’t have to offer any kind of new technology which might be available to help lower the costs. I find this to be an absurd fact of life – industry by nature must be competitive to be healthy. Looking at the economy of each state in the United States and it’s easy to see where competitive exists and where it has been dominated by a handful of companies.

Consumers suffer and so do residents. When a state allows the health of their economy to suffer, taxes are going to go up and the financial burden of their costs mistakes are going to naturally fall onto the residents. In turn, they are still dependent upon the companies that they shop from who are most likely responsible for the rising of taxes. Every state should be encouraging competition in business and forcing industries to strict guidelines. Just like Time Warner or Comcast, these companies should be forced to compete with each other and never should one single company offer a majority of residents a single service.