The Wedding Day of All Days

My wife Jessika and I are newlyweds. We were married exactly one month ago. It was blissful and hectic at the same time. It was blissful because I was marring the woman of my dreams. It was very hectic because were planning for a wedding. Jessika wanted everything to be perfect on our wedding day to every painstaking detail. She wanted the perfect cake, location, and dress for the wedding. She even got eyelash extension in Singapore. She wanted to be flawless.

Jessika’s parents agreed to pay for the wedding. They made a fortune from their family business. They always showered Jessika with the best. They spared no expense for the wedding. They flew in the best chefs in the world to cater the event. They made a beautiful wedding cake. It was so beautiful, I actually felt bad about eating it after the ceremony. Jessika’s parents also hired a famous designer to make the best dress in the world. He did not disappoint. The dress was stunning. I knew Jessika would look good in it.

Jessika wanted her looks to be flawless as well. She hired a popular beautician to do her makeup. She caressed her face with the best blends of colors. She also gave Jessika eyelash extensions. It took a least an hour for the beautician to finish. When she was done, Jessika marveled at how beautiful she looked in the mirror. She wanted to cry from happiness, but she did not to avoid messing up her makeup. She knew she was ready to walk down the aisle.

My wedding day was beautiful. I loved watching my beautiful wife walk down the aisle. She was so gorgeous in her wedding dress. I knew that Jessika was the right one for me. I love my wife so much. I would do anything for her.