Trees Belong in the Fire Place

Maybe you found yourself with an unwanted, leafy bark-faced monster growing from the fertile soil of your own backyard. They do that, you know; unexpectedly rising from the earth like something out of a pollen cloaked nightmare to spread their vile seed across hearth and home. I’m talking about the thing we’re all familiar with these days; trees. For those of us who suffer from allergies a tree represents the thing that we hate the most in this world which is why tree service in Queens NY is so popular. Who in this city of worship to steel and concrete needs the like of wood and green-leafed pollen seeders? Not me, friends, not me. The men and women who brave the heights that these natural ‘wonders’ can climb to are those that we should give our deepest thanks to. After living in Atlanta during the last spring, I would come out every morning to discover my car coated in a fine yellow dust of murder; pollen.

Allergies are no joke. If you’re the sort of person who lives a blessed life free from hay fever or allergies you would never understand the deeply set hatred that those of us who hold for anything natural. Give me silicon, glass and steel. Give me concrete slabs. If there must be wood, let it be the floor beneath my feet or the dresser holding my clothing. If there must be a tree product in my home, let it be the paper within my books and the vanity in my bedroom. Beyond that? Let the tree service do their job. Let them give me the logs that I can burn in my fireplace as a warning to all other trees that might freely grow in the garden of my backyard; this is their fate!