I Had a Major Mouse Problem

I absolutely cannot stand insects or rodents. I have never been camping, and I have never lived in a rural setting. I know that this doesn’t mean I can escape bugs and mice, but I can hope! Those hopes were dashed not long ago when there was evidence of a mouse in the house. Since I live on my own, I knew I was going to need some help. I did a search online for pest control in Brooklyn to find a company that would be able to come out and catch the mouse that had taken up residence in my house.

I was not only wanting him out, but I also wanted to know how he had gotten in in the first place. I don’t live in an old, dilapidated building. Continue reading I Had a Major Mouse Problem

Ordering a Shower Enclosure for Our Bathroom

My husband is very handy around the house, so we decided to remodel our bathroom in the basement. It was functional, but it was not very attractive at all. Since we had just finished up a game room and spare bedroom down there, we figured that the bathroom should be next. He was able to do a lot of the work himself, and he gave me a small list of things that I could look for. One of them was finding shower doors in Union County NJ, and I was really surprised at all the options that we had available to us. Continue reading Ordering a Shower Enclosure for Our Bathroom

The Goose of the End Times

We like to think that Canada is our friend. They are our compatriots. Our neighbor nation of the north keeping back the frozen wastes from the United States. They’re our best access to the polar pole of the north. They’re the neighbor that provides the best in maple syrup and a moral role model for many of us. And yet, they have been allowing the most insidious of creatures to flock to the United States without even attempting to prevent their entry from our borders. Did you think that Canada Geese control in NJ was a joke? You won’t be laughing much when you’re strolling through a park enjoying your fine, gorgeous day when sudden; the beating of wings surrounds you. Continue reading The Goose of the End Times

A Funny Video for My Website

I needed to find a video production company in Singapore that was able to make the kind of video that I wanted. I knew that there were video companies that could use actors for a scripted video, but I wanted something that was a bit more involved than that. I needed a company that could mesh together real people as well as animation, and make it look as seamless as possible too. It was a video for my website, which is really popular. That is why I needed to hire the best video production company to do this.

I looked at some videos that one company that is just a few miles away did, but they looked very amateurish. When I looked at Big 3 Media’s videos on their social media page, it was a different story altogether. Continue reading A Funny Video for My Website

I Was Highly Entertained at the Event

I have been to so many different corporate events, and I really don’t like them very much because of my experiences. For the most part, we are just there to name drop a bit, but I knew that it could be a lot more than that. When my own company decided to host one of these events, I decided to make it a lot more fun. I wanted people to talk about it, and I wanted them to come back again. I knew that if I hired some corporate entertainers in London, there was no way this event would be dull.

I had never hired anyone like this before, but I knew that they existed. I just did a search on my computer, and it was easy to find a company that provides just about any kind of entertainment that a person could want. I knew that I had to make this really special so it would stand out for people, and that is why I picked both singers and dancers to entertain at the corporate event that I was planning. Continue reading I Was Highly Entertained at the Event

The Importance of Choosing the Right Company to Store Your RV

Choosing the right company for your RV storage needs is a critically important decision. Not only is your valuable investment at stake, but you also want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it’s secure at all times.

There are a number of factors to consider. The first of which is the safety. You want to ensure that the land is protected by reinforced gates and that it will also be monitored with state-of-the-art technology at all times. While it’s advisable to have insurance should the need arise, prevention should be foremost in your mind.

That brings up another urgent point in that you may want to verify that their will be a manager on-site. Continue reading The Importance of Choosing the Right Company to Store Your RV

My Old Laptop Finally Died on Me

In fact I was not really using the thing all that much, since I have a company laptop that I take with me. However you can not use anything that you want to keep private. Obviously if you have any issues with the company, the laptop belongs to them and they will want the thing back. Either way I have been looking for the best Cyber Monday laptop deals 2017 and I am thinking about what sort of laptop I want. There are in fact all sorts of types, mainly depending on how you are going to use it. Continue reading My Old Laptop Finally Died on Me

My Wife Started Her Own Professional Tax Preparation Business

We have this small guest house next to the house we bought. I mean it is really small. It has a tiny bathroom and a kitchenette. It is pretty much one room with a closet-sized bathroom and a kitchenette behind a partition. My wife had plans for it that I did not know about. She has always wanted to own her own business, so she took some courses, redecorated the guest house, bought some professional tax software and hung up a small sign at the end of our driveway. She started doing tax preparation services within a few months of us moving in.

She worked about four days per week seeing customers only two of the four days. She surpassed the income she was making from her job she left when we moved, and has now surpassed my job’s income by more than double. The summer season is slow and steady, but it leaves room for a vacation of three or four weeks without losing a single client. Continue reading My Wife Started Her Own Professional Tax Preparation Business

First Day at New Position and I Did Not Know How to Make PowerPoint Presentations

I just got promoted and was not up to the speed I needed to be for the way the department ran. I had never had to use PowerPoint since a few times I used it in high school. I worked with highly technical equipment, but I never had to do any presentations. I was a field worker who was now working in the office. When my boss told me to make up a PowerPoint presentation for the meeting on Friday, I just stood there after he walked out wondering how to get it done. I found a PowerPoint consultant online and had them make the presentation for me. I paid for it out of my own pocket.

The boss reviewed the presentation and told me he liked it so much that I would be in charge of making all of the presentations for him. I had to speak up and give credit where credit was due. I told him that I had plenty of experience with what makes our business tick, but I had zero experience with PowerPoint. I told him that I hired a PowerPoint consultant and paid for it out of my own pocket. Continue reading First Day at New Position and I Did Not Know How to Make PowerPoint Presentations

I’m Officially a Commercial Truck Driver

People have often told me that truckers make a lot of money. Some people don’t mind driving on the road for hours, but I don’t, as long as it pays well. I got a licences to drive trucks and bought one. Florida trucking insurance is required for all truck drivers. Before heading out on the road, I had to find the best trucking insurance package for me. It’s all about the coverage and the price. The highest coverage package may offer more than anything else, but it can be too much to afford for some. On the other side, having the cheapest package will be cost effective, but some important parts may be left off to keep costs down for consumers.

I purchased a good insurance plan and started using my truck to transport goods for other people. I didn’t have any products of my own to transport, but that my change in the future. Continue reading I’m Officially a Commercial Truck Driver

My Curious Son Learns About Dogs

My wife Emily and I have been blessed with so much in life. We both have successful careers and healthy bodies. We also have been blessed with a wonderful son named Jason. He is very gifted and intelligent. He gets his intelligence from me and his looks from his mother. One thing about Jason is that he is very curious. He is amazed by the simplest things. His curious nature is a blessing and curse. It has gotten us in trouble in the past. Once, Jason wondered can dogs eat bananas. While I was not looking, he gave a piece of his banana to our pet dog Jeff. I was so worried he would get sick.

I will never forget the day that Jason was born. Emily could not wait for him to arrive. He was born on a Thursday just like me. He was so cute. I saw Emily holding him when I walked into the delivery room. He was so cute. We could not take our eyes off of him. We knew he was destined for great things in life.

As Jason grew so did his curiosity. He would always look for new ways to explorer and cause trouble. He once tried to eat his crayons to see if they were an edible source of food. He also tried to make cheese toast in the toaster. It made a big mess. He also tried to flush paper down the toilet. His experiment led to the bathroom being flooded. One day, Jason fed a piece of his banana to Jeff. I caught him doing it. I was so upset that Jeff would get sick. I immediately called the vet. She told me that a little piece of banana would not hurt him. The vet recommended that we did not make bananas a regular part of his diet. Jason learned something new.

I Decided to Lose All of the Weight

I started out doing a lot of research. Of course I was really looking for the easy way out, even though I knew that there is not really any such thing. I read the fat loss fiesta review and all sorts of other things, the whole time knowing fully well that I was not really going to find a shortcut. In fact the first step was just to get in the shape where I could proceed without worrying about injuring myself in the process of working out. If you start out way too hard, then you are very likely to sprain some muscles or pull something. It is not going to be possible to exercise if you are laying in a bed with your foot wrapped up in a bandage. So you have to start out slowly and get in good enough shape to really burn out the appropriate amount of calories.

I actually have found a weight loss partner. Continue reading I Decided to Lose All of the Weight

I Found My Forever Home

I always thought picking out a home was going to be a fun process, but I soon learned that is only in the movies. I just did not have a lot of time to devote to it, and I was disappointed in the houses that I did take time out to see. I decided it would be best to find a reputable realtor who handles luxury real estate in Beaver Creek because I was certainly not getting anywhere on my own. I asked a few friends who had bought homes in the last five years, and that is how I came to contact the realtor for Madeline Properties.

She came highly recommended, and I could see just after our initial meeting. She covered a lot of mental ground during that first contact, and she showed me a few properties for sale to gauge my reaction to them. Continue reading I Found My Forever Home

I Prefer the Hand Mixer for Baking Cakes and Cookies

I’m the resident cake maker for our family. I get called upon to make my homemade icing and cakes from scratch for every birthday and celebration. The last one I made was for the wedding anniversary for my in-laws. They both really like decadent chocolate, so I made them a very chocolatey cake with simple ingredients and the best product, a hand mixer. I do not have any fancy equipment for making cakes other than some decorating tools for icing cakes and an amazing recipe for different flavors of icing.

My mother has visited while I was making cakes. She told me that she would buy me a countertop mixer. I prefer the hand mixer instead. I like the feel it gives me for getting the consistency just right from batch to batch of fresh ingredients. Continue reading I Prefer the Hand Mixer for Baking Cakes and Cookies

A New Approach in the Age of Digital

There is nothing more important than lead generation services when you are in sales. You can spend a lot of time trying to do the old, archaic method of trying to drum up sales with a list of names and a telephone, but you won’t get far doing that now. That worked back in the 1990s and before because most people had landlines and you could easily get someone to pick up the phone to hear your pitch. Now? Everyone chucked the land line for cellphones and even the people with landlines have caller identification services so they can screen their calls.

I have literally sat at a desk and called one hundred people and I got maybe four or five people on the line. One of them bought our service. It was horrible. That’s why we decided to move into the digital age with a new service that generates leads through social media and online sites. Continue reading A New Approach in the Age of Digital

I Used the Find My Android Device Feature for Only the Second Time

I put my phone down the other day and forgot where I left it. I had put the ringer on silent, and that meant that calling it to hear where it was at was useless. I knew it was in the house, but I could not remember where I put it. The morning was super hectic, and I left the house without my phone. I went back and looked high and low with no luck. My wife told me I could find my Android device by logging into my Google account. I had forgotten all about that feature as I have only used it once out of curiosity.

Well, I logged into my Google account on my computer and looked at the find my Android device section. Continue reading I Used the Find My Android Device Feature for Only the Second Time

Is This the World’s Fastest Production Car?

Okay, can you imagine going from zero to 249 miles per hour in 20 seconds? You could pretty much outrun anything with that kind of capability in your car, and that is what the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera can do. With the internal combustion engine along with the three electric motors it outputs a whopping 1797 horsepower. That is absolutely beyond imagination for a car. The gas engine has 697 horsepower by itself. Is this a car you buy to commute to work? Maybe, if you are the only one on the highway. This is a status vehicle plain and simple as you could never run it flat out unless you were on a track made for such high speeds.

I would be afraid to drive the thing in traffic. Continue reading Is This the World’s Fastest Production Car?

Helping My Brother Get Help for His Addiction and Depression

My twin brother has always suffered from depression and began drinking to drown his sorrows as a teenager. His only bouts with the law were one DUI. Then he went back to just drinking at home. I decided on medical intervention to help with my depression, and I never got into self-medicating. My brother was drinking so much that he started bleeding internally and was hospitalized. His doctor referred him to one of the alcohol treatment centers in Florida where he could get help with his addiction and the underlying psychiatric issues.

I was able to face it that I had a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused me to suffer from depression. It was not my life, my work or my family dynamic that was at the root of my problem. It was just a malfunctioning balance of neurotransmitter chemicals in my brain. It was no different than if my pancreas stopped producing insulin and made me a diabetic. The depression was just a symptom as high blood glucose is to a diabetic. Continue reading Helping My Brother Get Help for His Addiction and Depression

Building Tall on a Mountaintop Made Possible with Computer Designs

Building a tall building on top of a tall mountain where the wind whips around at 30 miles per hour at ground level practically every day is a challenge. The higher up we are building, the more forces we get from the wind. Before we even started our plans and 3D modeling, we participated in ETABS watch and learn lessons to understand more about designing the shear walls in our newly planned tall building. The other structures up here are not over four stories tall. This is the first experiment in a tall building on this mountain top.

We know that the materials and engineering concepts exist to make our building safe and durable. We just needed to brush up on things to be certain about every detail. Continue reading Building Tall on a Mountaintop Made Possible with Computer Designs

Moving Here is Something That Will Remain Permanent

If you haven’t seen some of the many buildings with apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM then you may not realize how the architecture of many of them can be so wonderful against the landscape of the state. I really love how much of the scenery in the southwest is so different from the rest of the country. I moved there because of it. I don’t think I will ever get tired of it either. I spent much of my life living in a mountainous area with lots of surrounding forests, and I’ve always appreciated that. But there’s something about the southwest that has called to me.

The first time the I was in New Mexico was for a Girl Scout camping trip when I was in about 13 years old. I lived just one state away at the time where the terrain is much different. Seeing desert was so new to me. I had only seen it in movies and on television up to that point. Continue reading Moving Here is Something That Will Remain Permanent

The Sky is the Limit for My ESports Career

I have been playing video games ever since I can remember. I played with my dad’s old system when I was a toddler and graduated to electronic sports gaming when I was a teenager. I really liked the competition aspect of electronic sports gaming, plus I was really good at it too. I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to look into eSports careers. I know that probably most kids say that they want to do something like this, but it was more than just words for me.

I wanted to be part of the team that helped create, market or write about these types of games. I had no idea when I was a kid which direction I would go into, but as I got older, I had more resources at my disposal to help me figure it out. The best one is a career site that is dedicated to just jobs involved in the eSports world. I was able to look at leaders in this industry and see what types of jobs they are posting, which helped me immensely as I was starting my college career. Continue reading The Sky is the Limit for My ESports Career