Installing an Air Conditioner in My New Showroom

I just moved from California to Manhattan about a month ago. I didn’t realize that the weather would be so much warmer here during the summer months. One of the first things I learned is that air conditioning is a must during those hot summer months. I run a carpet cleaning business, and I have a large showroom that is open seven days a week. To make the showroom more comfortable for myself and my customers, I’m looking for someone who specializes in air conditioner installation in Manhattan NY. I’ve met some really nice people in my area who have been able to provide me with some recommendations, so I’m going to do a little more research and call someone to come down this week.

I hope that in addition to installing the air conditioner that they’ll be able to help me choose the right unit for my business. I can provide them with information about the square footage of the building and specification like that, but I really want someone to come down and take a look around to determine what type of unit would work best in my situation. Continue reading Installing an Air Conditioner in My New Showroom

Learning and Working at the Same Time

I have always been interested in visual communication and media design, even though I had never taken any formal courses in learning more about it. I was lucky when I completed my secondary education, because I was able to get on at the beginning of a family friend’s new business venture in web design. I was the one who answered phones, greeted clients, took care of the billing, and things of that nature. I could not help but comment on some of the web designs that my boss did though.

Normally, I would not do that, but I knew that there would be no offense from my boss, as he has known me since I was just a child. He liked the ideas that I presented to him, and he wanted me to learn more so I take advantage of my natural talents. He found a 12 month program being offered at a local design school, and he paid for my application fee and tuition there. Continue reading Learning and Working at the Same Time

Guide for Immigrating to Canada

I know a lot of people who have threatened to move to Canada over various circumstances facing our country, but I do not know of anyone who has actually gone through with said threats. I want to go through with my intentions to move there, and so I am looking for a guide on how to immigrate to Canada to help me do just that. I want to know the requirements and how easy it is going to be for me to do. I don’t think it should be that hard, but of course, at the moment, I do not know anything about it really.

I am kind of fed up with this country and that is why I want to lead. I can’t help but believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and this coming election is further proof of that. Continue reading Guide for Immigrating to Canada

Started a Summer Job This Week

I just got out of school the other day and I am going to try to make a little money before I start college at the end of summer. So I went and put in a resume at a moving company in Singapore. Of course my application did not say much beyond the fact that I had gotten good grades at school and so forth. In fact they have very little interest in my brains, so long as I am not too dense to do what they tell me to do. They are not going to let me drive the truck obviously. I do not even have a regular license to operate a motor vehicle of any sort. They certainly would not let me get behind the wheel of a moving van. My job is pretty much to pick stuff up and carry it where they tell me to put it down. Continue reading Started a Summer Job This Week

My Sister Comes for a Visit

I moved to Singapore from the United States just over two years ago. It really has been a learning experience and I have loved every minute of it. I have found out new things about myself and about the world that exists outside the borders I grew up within. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally miss home and the things that I had taken for granted living in the West. One such thing was Spanish cuisine, my absolute favorite. So when I heard about La Ventana Spanish restaurant, I had to try it.

I made reservations for my birthday, when my sister would be here to celebrate with me. I heard great things about their menu and their world renowned chef and when we went I was not disappointed. We got a variety of tapas dishes to start and as expected it was all delicious. Continue reading My Sister Comes for a Visit

Slip-On Neoprene Recoil Pad Lets Me Enjoy Shooting Again

I have an old rifle that is in excellent condition. It is worth a decent amount of money, but I like to shoot it. However, it is a high caliber rifle, but it does not have a recoil pad. I have a problem with my shoulder, and I need the protection of a cushioned pad. However, I do not want to have a gunsmith alter this old rifle at all. I bought a high quality neoprene pad that slips on. It works perfectly, and I did not have to mess with the original butt plate on the stock. I can still shoot it now without any issues. Adding that little bit of thickness adjusted the fit better for me as well. Now my cheek lines up with the comb riser perfectly.

When I get back home from target shooting or hunting, I just slip off the recoil pad pad and put the gun back in the safe. Continue reading Slip-On Neoprene Recoil Pad Lets Me Enjoy Shooting Again

New Paint Coats for Everyone

Many of the homes in my neighborhood have become run down on the outside. Someone who is an outsider to the neighborhood may think that everyone is just lazy, or that the homes have been abandoned. The real reason why the homes look the way they are is because most of the residents are in their old age. They physically aren’t able to do the labor needed to paint an entire home from the outside. The only way to fix this is by hiring a painter. I hired a painter in Morris County NJ to paint my home, and when he did a great job, I hired him again.

I wanted to give everyone in the neighborhood a treat. I had enough money, so I paid the painter to paint all of their homes to their specifications. Continue reading New Paint Coats for Everyone

Being Able to Take My Business Books with Me on the Job Makes Quicken 2016 the Choice for Me

I used to use a different software for keeping my books. It got easier when laptops became a lot more portable. I would just keep mine in my truck. However, I would forget it some days. My work is done from house to house. I need to have access to invoicing and even taking payments with credit cards. I started using Quicken 2016 because it worked with the mobile option I wanted. I like using my phone for a lot of business things. I have it with me all of the time. I have a few of those credit card readers that you plug into the microphone jack. There is always one within easy reach when I’m working. I’ve learned that getting the payment when the customer wants to pay is best. Continue reading Being Able to Take My Business Books with Me on the Job Makes Quicken 2016 the Choice for Me

The Goose of the End Times

We like to think that Canada is our friend. They are our compatriots. Our neighbor nation of the north keeping back the frozen wastes from the United States. They’re our best access to the polar pole of the north. They’re the neighbor that provides the best in maple syrup and a moral role model for many of us. And yet, they have been allowing the most insidious of creatures to flock to the United States without even attempting to prevent their entry from our borders. Did you think that Canada Geese control in NJ was a joke? You won’t be laughing much when you’re strolling through a park enjoying your fine, gorgeous day when sudden; the beating of wings surrounds you. Continue reading The Goose of the End Times

Trees Belong in the Fire Place

Maybe you found yourself with an unwanted, leafy bark-faced monster growing from the fertile soil of your own backyard. They do that, you know; unexpectedly rising from the earth like something out of a pollen cloaked nightmare to spread their vile seed across hearth and home. I’m talking about the thing we’re all familiar with these days; trees. For those of us who suffer from allergies a tree represents the thing that we hate the most in this world which is why tree service in Queens NY is so popular. Who in this city of worship to steel and concrete needs the like of wood and green-leafed pollen seeders? Not me, friends, not me. The men and women who brave the heights that these natural ‘wonders’ can climb to are those that we should give our deepest thanks to. After living in Atlanta during the last spring, I would come out every morning to discover my car coated in a fine yellow dust of murder; pollen.

Allergies are no joke. Continue reading Trees Belong in the Fire Place

Black Friday is Around the Corner

Many people think that in order to get the best deals on Black Friday, you have to be outside in the freezing cold early in the morning before everyone else. This used to be true in the age when the Internet wasn’t as prevalent, but now, it’s no longer necessary. Shopping on Black Friday is as easy as sitting at your desk at home. The best online Black Friday deals for 2015 can be found all over the Internet. There are a lot of websites that aggregate all of this information into a convenient package that anyone can take advantage of whenever they want.

Some websites have even started offering deals before Black Friday even comes. Continue reading Black Friday is Around the Corner

My Husband Had a Clogged Pipe Problem

When my husband told me to find a plumber quickly, I knew that something must have really went wrong with his attempt at unclogging the toilet. The water had backed up and flooded the bathroom floor, which is why he was in such a panic to get a professional out to our house. I did a quick search for companies that do drain cleaning in Bronx NY. I was not about to just pick out the first one that came up on the search engine results. I wanted to make sure that the company that we chose to come into our house and work on our pipes was a trusted and reputable company. Continue reading My Husband Had a Clogged Pipe Problem

Shopping in the Comfort of Home

I’ve found myself saving money through the year not for Black Friday but rather instead for Cyber Monday TV 2015. I don’t even bother with Black Friday anymore. It’s far too much of a personal pain to deal with the crazy, careless hordes of shoppers that barrel in through the doors without a concern for anyone else. The last time that I went was only three years ago and it was right around the time that they had begun to advertise those early openings right after Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a good idea to check one out to see what the sales were like. It ended up being one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made.

It was the first time that I had ever camped out for anything. Continue reading Shopping in the Comfort of Home

From Home Life to Apartment Life

A friend of mine had a mortgage on his home that he couldn’t pay, and he had to leave. Rather than letting him leave his home and staying in debt, I advised him to look for short sales in Brooklyn NY. He had no idea what a short sale was, so I explained it to him. He was able to find a company to carry out the short sale for him and in the process, he avoided foreclosure and now only has to pay back a little bit of the debt that he originally owed.

I let my friend stay in my home while he looked for a new place to live. The home he bought was in a neighborhood where the property taxes were incredibly high. When he first bought the home, he payed a lot for it, but he didn’t but it outright. Continue reading From Home Life to Apartment Life

Started to Get in to Really Good Shape

Of course I am still hoping to be state champion this year and I am pretty happy that I am moving up to a bigger weight class. In fact I do not have to try to fight my weight at all to stay in this weight class. I have been in the sweat suit for hours last year trying to make weight. Then after they would weigh me in I would rehydrate. Of course I learned my ideal shake reviews from that I figured out how to manage my weight quite well. Ideally you would want to be able to stay at a good weight for you though and it is not any fun to have to get in that sweat suit and jog around for hours and hours. You have to like the pain to want to do that sort of thing and no one really does like being burning hot. Continue reading Started to Get in to Really Good Shape

Started to Fix This House Up

We inherited this house from my father in law’s father. He liked my wife a lot and she was his only grandchild. So when he realized that he was going to die he started to work it out so that we would get the house before he did. We have already started talking to the contractors and we have hired a painter in Bergen county NJ to do the trim on the house. We have not decided yet, but the plan is probably to put vinyl siding on the place. That makes a lot of sense because I really do not want to have to paint this place repeatedly. If you put the vinyl on it then you never really have to worry about it too much. You have to get some thing like a pressure washer. I know this guy who uses this stuff that he buys from the RV place up on the highway. Continue reading Started to Fix This House Up

Started Moving in to My New Place

I finally got this place set up where I can live it, but it was a pretty good chore and I still need to work on some details. In essence I almost got this place for free the way that I look at it, because I figure that the land under it is going to be worth a lot more than I am paying for it. This is a tiny house, smaller than my old apartment, but it sits upon close to three acres and at some date in the future they will extend the boulevard. I have directv and wireless internet at this place, in fact I have wired it up so that I can use the wi fi all over the land. The place has a building out back that is bigger than it was. Continue reading Started Moving in to My New Place

A Decision Between Internet Providers

Deciding between cable and satellite television has been on my mind as of late. I just finally got a new place in Clovis, California and I’ve been looking at the prices that are offered for different packages. direct tv for clovis has some of the best prices but cable is definitely a good competitor against them. My main problem is that right now I have to have the Internet in order to be able to work and Satellite Internet is not the way that I want to go for myself which means choosing one or the other. I dislike having to split my services up; I wouldn’t want to just have Internet service through my cable company while having my content being delivered by my satellite company. Continue reading A Decision Between Internet Providers

Saving Our Children from Crime

Thanks to the lack of jobs in our area, we have seen a huge increase in non-violent crime. Even my own home was broken into just a few short weeks ago after a spree hit the neighborhood right after one of the packaging factories here was shut down. To me, that’s proof enough that the lack of jobs is the cause behind this sudden increase in crime. Thanks to this issue, I decided to look into ohio home security. I never thought I would actually have to get home security but when you are faced with a problem and the only solution is either buying a gun (which I would be loathe to do) or installing a home security system, I much rather do the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I would resort to violence if I absolutely had to but it is not something that I would rather be forced into. Continue reading Saving Our Children from Crime

Setting Up the House to Live in

We got the place now and it is a lot bigger than the apartment. We need a lot of stuff to fill the place up. Of course both of us ae working now and in fact Ann has a better job than I do right now. She had a lot of foresight in planning her career and as soon as she got out of school there were companies competing to hire her. I am going to look at direct tv packages and find some really good internet too. In fact both of us sort of get a stipend for internet from the employers. For me I work from home about as much as I work at the office. Continue reading Setting Up the House to Live in